mp 21 M. Antika, Central African Republic, Africa, “Pentecost”May 24, 2015


Sunday of Pentecost


First Reading: Acts 2: 1-11
“Divided tongues, as of fire, appeared among them, and a tongue rested on each of them. All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other languages, as the Spirit gave them ability.”


Second Reading: Gal 5: 16-25
“The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness,  gentleness, and self-control.”.


Gospel: Gv 15.26-27; 16,12-15
“When the Advocate comes, whom I will send to you from the Father, the Spirit of truth who comes from the Father, he will testify on my behalf. You also are to testify because you have been with me from the beginning.”

mp 22El Salvador, Central America “Cross of Women”


From the Letter from Mother Frances for Pentecost, 1865
Friday before Pentecost 1865

Dear Sisters in Christ,

                We are encouraged to fervently aspire to the coming of the Holy Spirit, and to live our vocation joyously. Without doubt, dear Sisters, you have been diligent in putting these intentions into practice in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Sacrament and, in recent days, the grace of the retreat have certainly helped you.
                Dear Sisters, the time of grace is drawing near when, about 2000 years ago, the Holy Spirit descended on the reaping and the foundations of his Holy Church.
                From that moment, the floodgates of heaven opened and for always the Divine Giver ardently wanted to fill the universe with his gifts and renew the face of the earth. Where he found a heart ready for his coming, the Holy Spirit hurried into it and filled it with his celestial gifts.

                O, if our hearts were prepared for this meeting of grace! Oh Jesus, Redeemer of the world, you came to find those who were lost! With a single glance you conquered Zacchaeus, the Madonna, and you converted the weak disciple, deemed worthy of receiving one of your glances of grace! Place your eyes on us splendid with celestial love, and our cold and hardened hearts will soften, they will glow and radiate with Your love.

               We are ready to do Your bidding, let Your Spirit help us do it. Amen!

                                                               Your faithful Mother Frances


mp 23Fr. Ivan Dal Piazza, ofm - Italy “Mother Frances”Pentecost: fire, passion, good will, joy, trust, courage, challenges of healing, sweetness, tenderness, truth, opening towards universality, announcement, mission, enthusiasm…
    The arrival of the Holy Spirit breaks into our history every day, challenging us to leave our comfort zone to proclaim the announcement of hope, to bear witness to the faith in which we believe, to allow ourselves to be transformed into Apostles of the Resurrection, agents of peace, women and men of healing, people capable of listening to the cry of the poor and offering concrete responses to today’s humanity.   
    May the Holy Spirit in which we believe continue so generously to bestow life on us.
Today we are overflowing with abundant life!

An abundance of grace is showered upon our Congregation, on humankind along its journey, on our personal lives, and in our life circles: do we perceive it? Are our eyes able to see and to contemplate the Holy Spirit at work today on our planet?

Among scenes of war and violence, among the pain and misery of humanity, as women, men, and children are being cruelly trafficked and tortured, what is our evangelical response that can bear witness to, and share the abundance of, this life within the Spirit?  

How can we entice other people to live in respect of creation and of human rights? Which words and which concrete actions enliven our daily lives?


From the letter from Mother Frances to the Mother Superior
at the end of the Spiritual Exercises of Pentecost, 1869

“These days of Pentecost have reminded me of the birth of our Congregation and how the good Lord has wonderfully guided it, making us participant in a very visible way under His protection and with His blessing. The memory of this has moved me deeply, I am encouraged also for the future and this gives me strength to continue my service. If I did not have this great faith, I would stand down. So, dear Sisters, let us once again place ourselves in the service of good Jesus, offering ourselves as his instruments”.

From the Third Letter of St. Clare to Blessed Agnes of Prague

“And, to use as my own the words of the Apostle himself, I consider you someone who is God’s own helper and who supports the drooping limbs of his ineffable body.  Who, then, would tell me not to rejoice about such great and marvelous joys?  That is why you, too, dearest, must always rejoice in the Lord, and not let bitterness and confusion envelop you, O Lady most beloved in Christ, joy of the angels, and crown of your sisters.”

mp 24Sr. Ansgar Holmberg, USA “Morning Light”Closing Prayer

Risen Lord, strengthen our evangelical call to be prophets of dialogue and healing in the Church and in the world.
May your Spirit continue always to sustain us during our “holy journey”, as we renounce our safety zones and welcome the changes in our life as opportunities for spiritual healing.  

Allow nothing to ever separate us from you!

Help us to free Your healing Energy in the places we live!

Support us as we share the charism of Mother Frances to heal the wounds of the poor, and those of the Church and the Community of Life.

And strengthen our vocation!

Amen, Amen. Fiat!


 Contributed by the Leadership Team

Published: May, 22, 2015