addioBy February, 1876, there seemed to be so much to which Mother Frances needed to say “goodbye”:  The Kulturkampf situation became more and more critical.  The Sisters could not take in any new Postulants; they had to send all women from Austria to America. 

Mother wrote in her diary: “In the last resort, there will be nothing left for us to do but to shake the dust from our feet and move there ourselves.  After all, it doesn’t really matter where we go; we find the dear Lord everywhere, and there is work to be done everywhere.”

Mother Frances was ill; she looked back over her life, and her life with God. “When in contemplation, as I asked my divine Savior what he desired of me, I always seemed to hear, ‘Love, love’.” She spent time thinking back to her roots.  How did it all begin?  How did it all go on? And finally, where do I stand now?

For Silent Reflection and Journaling:

As your time of retreat comes to a close, what do you hear as you spend time in prayer and contemplation?

As you reflect on your own journey, how would you answer these questions of Mother Frances?


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