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ondaFr. Istas and Mother Frances had forged a strong and fruitful friendship, united in their experiences among the poor and their love for the poor Jesus within them. Each had personal gifts and aptitudes that prepared them for their ministry and assisted them in carrying it out – Fr. Istas was the son of a physician and was used to being around the sick; Frances was gifted with a fierce determination and deep compassion that came from the way she was formed at home and in school.  Together with other members of the parish, they created a place of respite, nourishment and peace in the lives of those who were poor around them.

For Silent Reflection and Journaling:

How did God lead Frances to gradually grow into the call to serve those who were poor?
How have you been gifted and formed for the life of love and service to which you are being called?
Who are your friends and mentors? How do they help you grow in your response to God’s call and graces?


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