Care for the destitute, suffering poor has engaged the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor in Italy for more than 60 years. The Sisters’ programs in Messina and Frascati assist the imprisoned and the mentally ill in their difficult and lonely rehabilitation.In Padua, immigrant victims of human trafficking find safe haven and essential professional services as they begin their journey towards freedom

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and independence. Homeless men and women in Rome enjoy socialization, and adolescents, university students and families benefit from counseling and retreats.


• Rebibbia Women’s Prison Project

Lonely women incarcerated at the Rebibbia Prison welcome moral and spiritual counsel and personal support from the Sisters. Many of the 100 inmates have no family or friends. The Sisters help bolster their self-esteem and aid in their rehabilitation.


• Jericho Project

The Sisters work with the Department of Corrections at the Criminal Psychiatric Hospital in Messina to improve the quality of life of abandoned, poor and at-risk patients. Trained volunteers coordinate personalized rehabilitation and therapy plans to facilitate their transition from the hospital to society.


• Project Miriam

Immigrant victims of human trafficking find compassionate care and protection from forced prostitution at Project Miriam. The Sisters address the women’s immediate needs for food, medical care, professional legal and domicile counsel. They help provide access to job training, and they provide emotional and spiritual guidance. An emergency shelter and two apartments are available for women and their families as they pursue self-sufficiency and freedom.


• Sunrays

Homeless men and women enjoy camaraderie and support at a center in Rome. There is a soup kitchen, laundry, free internet for job searches, a library, movies and a discussion circle staffed by a volunteer professional psychologist.



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