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"What we do with our heart affects the whole universe."

What indeed, are your heart’s holdings? What gives you a sense of deep hope and sincere compassion? What brings you to healing?

Many had the opportunity to partake in the Congregational Conference, Healing Gift: Today and Beyond.

The Conference proved for those in attendance to be a rich opportunity with challenging presenters, exposure to alternative healing modalities and endless international exchange and dialogue.

The energy produced within the Conference has been kept alive and vibrating in motion through Assemblies, Gatherings, Circles and informal meetings.



Bicentennial of the birth of Frances Schervier - Year of Healing

fran mLet us thank our Lord from the depths of our hearts for all the graces that He in His immense love has given us. Let us always begin anew and with fresh ardor...

Living the Gift of Healing

Arte che guarisceThe Alleluia Community of Parcelles Assainies lives in the suburbs of Dakar, an overpopulated area, marked by the usual urbanization problems. It is among these brothers and sisters...

Spirituality: The Sign of Our Times

The signs that encircle our lives are bearers of our future. They challenge us, ready or not, to move beyond our comfort zones. Signs expand our horizons, penetrate our souls, and call us...

The gift we have received we give to each of you

Ann Cecile Albers previewGood Shepherd Community started using the healing Calendar together in Community in January. We did the individual experience and then shared each month at our community...


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