"Una storia nuova" di Mary Southard, CSJ“I felt a glowing flame of holy love for my neighbor.
I felt a great desire to seek out and love the Lord
in the poor, the sick, and the unfortunate...”
[Blessed Francesca Schervier]

When each of us vibrates love and compassion, our energy mysteriously unites with the energy of love and compassion all over the planet, augmenting the field of compassion, making its resonance, manifestation, and influence a very powerful force for transformation and healing...
Could there be any greater cause for hope in the community of life?


Live with compassion

per una nuova cosmologiaYour work calls us to be co-creators with God - especially through incarnating the four attitudes of: spaciousness, contemplation, commitment, and imagination...

New Cosmology and spiritual life

ManiHow is the New Cosmology transforming spiritual life, especially in generating and practicing compassion? How is humanity evolving as a result of these new understandings?

Salvation is about the cosmos as a whole

nuova cosmologiaIn Field of Compassion, you unite the Universe Story and the Chris-tian Story from a theological perspective and tell us that salvation is not about "me" or "we," but about the cosmos...

New Cosmology

alt“I felt a glowing flame of holy love for my neighbor. I felt a great desire to seek out and love the Lord in the poor, the sick, and the unfortunate..."



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