We will surrender our comfort zones, choosing to work with those who live in situations of social vulnerability: poor people, women, especially those unseen, and all of the community of life. To live this Call we will:

In the energy of the Resurrection: Discern all of our ministries communally; Encourage each other to be open to “leaving our comfort zones” and to exploring the possibility of opening new ministries and new initiatives within our present ministries.

Follow the example of Mother Frances and act in defense of victims of human trafficking, of abused people, and of the wounded Community of Life: By working together with groups and associations already active in this area; By promoting education, prayer, advocacy and prevention.

  • at 00In recent years the beautiful Italian coasts have become sadly famous for the arrival of many migrants. Many of them, men, women and children survived the long journey, many others have tragically ended their dreams...

  • ct 00We cry out against the evil practice of this modern slavery, and pray with St. Bakhita for it to end. Give us wisdom and courage to reach out and stand with those whose bodies, hearts and spirits have been so wounded, so that together we...

  • asg 00In all societies education is paramount. Nowadays education tends to be underestimated because of the needs of society: the cost of life and especially the loss of a sense of family are the source of many problems. It is in this...

  • tp hj 00Tamar’s Place is a SFP ministry located in one of the roughest areas in Cincinnati known as Over the Rhine (OTR). I began volunteering with Sister Grace Pleiman who is the director of Tamar’s in the spring of 2012.

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