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Philippines (Tag)

               At the invitation of Bishop John Du of the Diocese of Dumaguete City, the Sisters began a new healing mission in the Philippines in August of 2009.  
  • The changing power of the Spirit

    air 00"Do not conform yourselves to this age but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may discern what the will of God is, what good and pleasing and perfect". (Rm 12: 2) As a Franciscan Sister of the Poor, I affirm that since...

  • Searching for God’s project

    vw fil 00From 12 to 14 May in Dumaguete, Philippines, six young girls from different parts of the Negros Oriental Island visited us for a ‘vocation weekend’. Their arrival at our community brought great joy. Together we spent simple moments...

  • Living the Transformation

    fv e 00God is Providence: His Providence was evidenced to me when He asked me to go to Philippines, and also during my experiences in that country: two years ago while listening the presentation on our mission my heart skipped a beat...

  • Feeding Program

    Feed 00Just twenty-five days after my arrival in Dumaguete City, it is with great joy that I share with you all what I have been witnessing since I have been here, in the Philippines . In this short period of time, I have been able to enjoy a little of the beauty...

  • Philippine Mission

    pa 00“What joy for us when, after having lived well here upon earth, we shall all meet again in that beautiful heaven!” - Frances Schervier - It's a blessing to be a part in the congregation’s pioneering effort to set up the mission in the Philippines...

  • Lantern of Hope

    lan 00Manong Elmer is one of the inmates at the Negros Oriental Detention and Rehabilitation Center, Dumaguete City, Philippines.  He had been residing at the detention facility for twenty three months now, while his case is still being heard in Court...

  • Jubilee of Sister Maria Atorino

    gi ma 00To mark the occasion of her 50 years of Consecration to God, we asked Sr. Maria to share some of her life experiences with us.

    With her, we give thanks to God for the gift of fidelity.

  • Shelter of Hope

    sh 00“Shelter of hope” is a Ministry that we launched five years ago in the Philippines: it is a service of welcoming focused on helping young people who are living on the streets of Dumaguete City. In addition to offering meals, we also organize recreational...

  • Welcome to the Philippines

    bf 00Here I am, in the Philippines, writing to you about my thoughts and experiences as a missionary.  After recovering from the the long trip,  I was amazed as I began to enter into a completely new reality. Everything around me felt fantastical...

  • A New Challenge for a New Life

    fili00In these past few months, a few Sisters have had the opportunity to share in the life of our Mission in the Philippines. We have asked them to update us on their wonderful adventure…

  • A mission worth experiencing

    f00My experience last summer in the Philippines continues to resonate in my present daily life.  I spent almost two months with Sr. Cristina and Sr. Armi in Dumaguete City. Even though I arrived during the rainy season...

  • Ritual in Dumaguete

    rd 00In our chapel in Dumaguete in September, we celebrated the ritual of the transition from New York to Rome with the prayer group of women who meet here periodically. The words of Mother Frances:  "We find God...

  • Dumaguete City: Life is a Mission

    fi“It is not always easy; we do not always see the fruits of what we do. However, we are certain that God is with us and carries out His Work according to His infinite loving plans. “We continue to discover poverty such as...

  • Marilyn B. Letter of thanks

    marilynB mMarilyn B., a young woman from Dumaguete, Philippines, whose studies we supported financially, graduated on March 26 and sent us this letter of thanks.

  • The visit of Sr. Licia and Sr. Marvi at the SFP mission in Dumaguete City

    f 00Philippines,

    February 24th – March 4th 2014

  • First Fruits

    firstfruits mIf you have ever tried your hand at gardening, you likely have experienced the delight of watching the first fruits of a tree come to fruition. Besides the enjoyment of observation there is also the pure pleasure in tasting...

  • Shelter of Hope Update

    7preview Every day we meet men, women and children of Dumaguete and surrounding areas that we reach with our Center, with the certainty to find a family that will welcome them as brothers.
  • In My Own Words – Sr. Gabriella’s Experience


    When I exited the plane in Manila I saw that I was in a whole different world! The night spent waiting for another flight allowed me to prepare to enter a reality that our minds can only imagine. Seeing it is quite different!

  • Our New House: Come and See the Beauty of God’s Generosity

    0preview Our life in this mission becomes busier. Our new house in Bajumpandan requires time as does our attempt to know the life about us. On October 6, with the generous help of friends, we moved from Dumaguete City to the outskirts, in a Barancay (barrio) called Bajumpandan.
  • The development and the situation with our ministry

    7preview During June and July we had various emergencies. We assisted a woman who gave birth and had transmitted a serious infection to her child. Both needed antibiotics...

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