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The Franciscan Sisters of the Poor have ministered to the physical and spiritual needs of the underserved poor in the United States for more than 150 years. Upon arrival from Aachen, Germany, the Sisters dedicated themselves to feeding the hungry, nursing the sick and comforting those in need. Over the years, ministries have evolved from a focus on health care and social service outreach to meeting the ever-changing needs of the poor.Today low-income seniors may enjoy socialization and the comforts of home in safe and secure surroundings. Destitute children and adults receive professional hair care to help them retain their dignity and self-respect. Outreach to the next generation encourages young people to grow spiritually and develop leadership skills by working with local service agencies. Even the renovation of an old building has become a ministry where people of all ages and backgrounds share spiritual and wellness programs.






•Our Lady of the Woods

Cincinnati Ohio

Low-income seniors who have financial difficulty affording even the most humble living quarters have a comfortable home and an active, independent lifestyle at Our Lady of the Woods group home. With loving care, the staff strives to maintain each individual’s dignity, respect and maximum level of independence.

    •Franciscan Haircuts from the Heart

Cincinnati Ohio

Homeless individuals, as well as financially limited children and families enjoy free professional hair care at a licensed beauty salon. A voucher program provides free haircut certificates to some 140 local schools and social service agencies. Since its inception, the voucher program has the program has served 30,000 people.

    •Franciscans for the Poor

Cincinnati Ohio

High school and college students from around the country have an opportunity to actively participate in community service, prayer and community living in a simple lifestyle, while volunteering to serve those in need.

    •The Barn

Cincinnati Ohio

Built as a working barn in 1898 on the grounds of St. Clare’s Convent, the Barn today offers spiritual and educational programs for the local community and serves as a unique setting for business and corporate meetings, weddings and other celebrations and informal gatherings.

    •Pinecroft House of Spirituality and Healing

Cincinnati Ohio

Open door hospitality dictates a welcome for people of all races, cultures and faith beliefs who seek spiritual renewal and healing on their life journey.  Individuals and small group may participate in days of prayer, healing services, Scripture sharing and special seasonal programs.

    •Tamar’s Place

Cincinnati Ohio  

For women struggling with a life of prostitution, Tamar’s Place offers a safe, neutral, non-judgmental  environment. Women receive emotional and spiritual nourishment away from the harassment, physical abuse and violence of the streets. The program is a cooperative effort of the Sisters, The New Prospect Baptist Church, Off the Streets, and Stop AIDS.  Should a woman wish to change her life, Tamar’s caring volunteers provide referral services and resources to help her devise the best strategy for navigating the system and improving her quality of life.



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