A Healing Experience at Dara Yakaar, School of Hope

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10Sr. Angiolina and the young women at the School of Hope



In January 2011, I arrived at the Formation House of Keur Mbaye Fall, which is in a Dakar suburb. I manage the literacy, dyeing and the sewing school called “Dara Yakaar“ (School of Hope). I work as a counselor and take care of the adoption program, which helps girls who are in difficulty. Many are illiterate or unschooled.

I am also a member of the National Association for the Promotion of Women (NAWP), that advocates for women's emancipation and empowerment. I have been in the Senegal mission since 1985. I am very happy to be a Franciscan Sister of the Poor!

It is with great joy that I share this little healing experience, which happened at our School:

Elizabeth lives with her aunt. As a child, she did not have a chance to go to school. Now she takes literacy courses at our school and benefits from the intellectual and human formation. She also takes embroidery, dyeing and sewing classes and participates in sports thanks to the financial support of her father (who lives in another country).  However, her aunt does not always provide for Elizabeth’s books and other necessities.

Elizabeth does not enjoy the same treatment afforded to her cousins, who attend a superior school. She passes the time doing housework. Fortunately, her cousins are compassionate and try to help. Her teacher wanted to know why Elizabeth was not able to buy books. Elizabeth explained the problem. Her teacher tried to meet with her aunt, but was told: “I am tired of Elizabeth; she creates too many problems and is an ill-behaved girl.”

Touched by her situation, the teacher spoke with me. I looked for ways to help this girl and prayed for her and her family. Divine Providence did not fail to help! My community helped Elizabeth financially, which allowed her to be happy again and find courage to pursue her schooling. Being able to help this girl was a great delight for me! Now she has the chance to attend our school. This will open several doors and is a guarantee of success for her present and future life.

And today, like Mother Frances, I too feel like a simple instrument that has been used by God to help a needy person. As a Franciscan Sister of the Poor, my joy consists of praying and always offering my availability to God so that the poor can find through me some relief and the ability to hope again.

Sister Angiolina Marino, sfp and the SFPs of Keur Mbaye Fall



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