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On July 31st and August 1st, the employees of Apai - various programs for needy childern and adolescents in Pires do Rio, Brazil - gathered for a meeting. They planned activites for the next two-month period and the discussed a series of methods for improving the perfomance of the educators.

Relatorio mensal 02In the next two months we will focus on the family, a theme that is both important and that relevant to our project: The Diverse Models of the New Family. Through this theme we can show the childern we place importance on the family and, above all, that we respect the differences among families.

This two-days planning session was very helpful -- we exchanged experiences and shared knowledge. Two of our educators, Mariana and Gigliane, introduced to us a class they invented called “the singing storyteller”.  Using the world of fantasy and stories, helps the childern recognize their own indentity. For better results, we used puppets to perform the stories for them. At the end of the second day of planning we gathered also for a wounderful luncheon at which we also celebrated Sr. Tania’s birthday as well as that of our collegues D. Lia and Maysa. We also enjoyed singing the story of “The magic cloth”. This meeting was very fruitful for all of us and gave us a rich point from which to start our activities.

Published: October 19, 2017

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