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lbr 01The St. Anthony Group of the volunteers of the John XXIII Nursery and Daycare Center

It was in 1983 that I was invited by our dear Sister Cristina Martins to volunteer at Jataí Day Care Center and Kindergarden for poor children. At that time, our family was going through a very difficult and painful time, as we were mourning the lost of our19-year-old son, who had been senslessly murdered.

That invitation from Sister Cristina helped me a lot in those moments of deep sorrow. After a few conversations, we decided to form a group of handiwork, that is, embroidering involving the mothers of the Daycare Center's children.

As we lacked materials and seed money to start, we asked support from what has become today the Brazilian League of Assistance, and a grant and it was then that we began our work. Our group worked as follows: after they learned to embroider, and after they were ready, the pieces produced by the mothers was sold and each earned a percentage of the total. Facing difficulties with the mothers' frequency, we began to work as volunteers to fundraise for the Daycare Center.

Until then, our group had no name. The late Sr. Augusta Pereira Ramos, devout of St. Anthony of Padua, suggested that the group be named after her favorite Franciscan saint. At first we had difficulty to sell our wares, but it improved, gradually. Today we sell well, we are handling many orders.

Thanks to God and our volunteers, we can help the John XXIII Daycare Center and Nursery in their needs, which are not just a few, with the care and dedication.

Our St. Anthony's Group is growing over the years, attracting new volunteers.

My husband, Tomé Flori, is one of the volunteers who is always ready to help us wherever needed.


By Terezinha Justino Flori, Associate SFP

Published: October 27, 2017

lbr 02The St. Anthony Group of the volunteers, some are missing for fair reasons