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cvs 01Sisters and young women at the Ermitage in Témento

As part of the activities organized for our vocational ministry for years, we organized a camp in our Kaïro Community of Samine, in Casamance.
The camp is designed to both deepen Christian life and to help young women discern and receive vocational guidance.
This year’s camp brought together 14 young women of various ages hailing from different areas all enlivened by a desire to discover more about how to live out evangelical values.

The young women came from completely different areas of Senegal, North as well as South, to experience a time rich with sharing and joy.  This joy stemmed from being together, praying together, and having fun together….and welcoming the abundance of gifts that each young woman brought within her and shared with the group.

cvs 03TémentoMost of the time was dedicated to conversation, prayer and reflection.  The conversations revolved around the theme “Love of God and of our neighbor”, which was enriched by related topics that helped us to engage in more in-depth analysis: faith in God, vocation, the Word of God and knowing how to live.
We also took time to visit the Diocesan Sanctuary of Kolda “Our Lady of Peace” and the Monastery of Brother Moïse Marie Gaye, both of which are located in Témento.
The participants benefitted greatly from the experience: sharing life together with the others will remain what each participant will hold dearly and carry within herself in the future.

Since ‘pictures speak louder than words,’ we invite all of you ‘to join’ our journey and come to know the various moments that highlighted our time of gathering together in the lush, rainy and beautiful region of Casamance.

Sr. Domitille Manga, sfp

The experience of Christiane Diédhiou, a young woman from Bakhita House

cvs 02A young woman from Bakhita HouseMy name is Christiane Diédhiou and I am happy to have participated in the annual camp that took place in Samine. The camp not only allowed me to discover this area, it also gave me an opportunity to get to know the mission that the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor are running in Samine. For me, the camp was amazing because the young women attending it were wonderful people. In addition, the ethnic diversity of the camp greatly enriched our connection to each other. The topics addressed during the camp were interesting and, after each theme was presented, the participants got to share their personal reflections and ideas. The various speakers gave very clear explanations. In addition, these teachings permitted me to deepen more profoundly my Christian faith and to gain more clarity in my understanding of my spiritual journey.
I was touched by the topic entitled The Love of God and of our neighbor, since humankind is in need of this in today’s world.
In regards to the topic, knowing how to live, I found Sr. Maria’s invitation to care and attend to people who live with a physical or mental handicap to be very moving.
I hold within me as a dear memory the sisters’ devotion as they presented the topics so sincerely and enthusiastically.                              
During the breaks, we even had an opportunity to listen to theatrical presentations from the different ethnic groups as well as a very beautiful presentation given by Véronique Thioune who is in the Pre-novitiate.
I could not close my remarks without thanking our wonderful cooks and the sisters who accompanied and supported us with so much love.  I thank all of the sisters (both those close by and those who are afar) for having prayed for us.

Thank you, merci, grazie, diokandial, Iyo, obrigada, diereudieuf, Alnoumbara.

Published: October, 6, 2015