From the perspective of a woman theologian, how do you define the word HOPE? Hope is a feeling and a virtue rooted in the human person, which expresses itself in the longing for a better quality of life in all of its cultural expressions and situations. It is an intrinsic reality of the human spirit that is immanent in everyone. For this reason it was considered by the early Christian communities to be one of the theological virtues; that is, a gift from God infused into all human beings, a force that is part of our historical existence.

hopehopeIn this sense, hope cannot be predefined, since it follows us in the multiple expressions of our unity.

We may say that there is a feminine and a masculine expression of hope, conditioned to the experience of each person.

This does not mean we cannot have hopes in common or that the distance between them is great.

Throughout history, however, it was the masculine understanding of Christian hope that was imposed.

It was men who decided that our hope would at times be fulfilled in this world – within the limits of history – or in the next world, heaven.



Sr. Ivone Gebara, SP

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