To Be One with the Community of Life

animaliWhat does it mean to be one with the community of life? What are some of the ways that we ignore or disrupt the community of life? Some “golden oldies” among us may remember...

Nothing Can Exist Without Sharing Its Life

Il Battesimo di Cristo, di Daniel BonnellJesus reminds us humans that participating in living also means participating in dying, and that this process can be – is intended to be – life-giving, for others as well as for ourselves...

The On-going Process of Life

comunità di vita“Conscious participation in the dying/rising process that is Life is our human responsibility.” What does this mean for those of us who consecrate their lives to God?

Community of life

comunità di sr IvoneI have chosen to live in an area of Brazil, embedded in tangible poverty. The expression “community of life” is a relatively recent one...


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