Community of life

comunità di sr IvoneSuor Ivone, SP's CommunityI have chosen to live in an area of Brazil, embedded in tangible poverty. The expression “community of life” is a relatively recent one and includes the dimension of the human person belonging to all creation in the varied expressions of life itself.Through use of this terminology, we surpass the trend of Anthropomorphism, which had previously characterized us.

Thus we began perceiving our intimate relationship with the different and complex life systems. As rational human beings, we are not superior to the other life forms, despite our being able to think about them. In reality, we are interdependent and one body despite our individuality.

The community of life comprises an immense quantity of beings responsible for sustaining the survival of all species. Without water, all die. Without air, all perish. Without well cultivated nourishment, we cannot sustain ourselves. Without the diversity of animals – birds, fish, insects – and plants, all life eventually becomes extinct.


comunitàIn the same way this reciprocity shows us our interdependence with the diverse groups of people living all over the world.

It is from the richness of this diversity that we draw the means to sustain ourselves as living beings.


Sr. Ivone Gebara, SP

Question for Reflection:

What are some of your deep yearnings for community?


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