New Cosmology and spiritual life

How is the New Cosmology transforming spiritual life, especially in generating and practicing compassion? How is humanity evolving as a result of these new understandings? Every aspect of our lives is rooted in a particular world view, a paradigm, a lens through which we view our experience. The spiritual life is no exception. The new cosmology challenges the old world view that sees the cosmos as a machine composed of separate pieces and parts.

It asserts that the world is an organic whole, a single creation in which everything is connected in an integral way. Of course mystics have always asserted that all creation is a unified whole, but most human beings have not lived out of that kind of consciousness because we have been unable to grasp the fundamental unity that is the foundation of mystical consciousness.

I rapporti in naturaThe new cosmology – through the discoveries at both the quantum and astrophysics level, and now captured so vividly in images from the Hubble Space Telescope – shows us in a very concrete way that connectedness.

It exposes us to an evolving universe.

It gives us a sense of the immensity of creation and how we are part of its continued emergence. In other words, the new cosmology gives us a boost toward mystical consciousness, which transforms our spiritual life.

Once we grasp the fundamentals of the new cosmology, we cannot relate to the Holy, one another, or creation in the same way again.


ManiManiRecognizing that we belong to the cosmos and that the cosmos is rooted in us transforms all of our relationships. Knowing that “all is one,” that the “other” in some way is “my self” generates responses and relationships that are characterized by care and compassion

As the number of human beings who practice this way of seeing increases, humanity as a whole will be transformed.


One way to speak of the transformation is to say that a morphic field has emerged and continues to grow, and as it grows it attracts those who will enter in and then live out of the compassionate awareness that we are all one.

Judy Cannato

Questions for Reflection:

How is the New Cosmology transforming the decisions you take in your life, especially in practicing compassion?


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