Live with compassion

per una nuova cosmologiaYour work calls us to be co-creators with God - especially through incarnating the four attitudes of: spaciousness, contemplation, commitment, and imagination. How do these stances free us to become more compassionate and live more compassionately?

Those who are truly co-creative operate out of this expanded consciousness that recognizes the fundamental unity of all creation. Spaciousness is a capacity that allows us to move from “me” to “we.” The word “compassion” literally means “to suffer from the bowels.”

To me that indicates not that I have entered into the other’s space in some empathic way, but that I have allowed the presence of the other to somehow enter into my space, to become part of my awareness and spirit.

I hold the other in a way that acknowledges we are one. Contemplation is closely related to spaciousness. Indeed, we could say that spaciousness proceeds from contemplation, which is essentially the capacity to see. An old definition of contemplation is “to take a long, loving look at the real.”

compassionecompassionOften we move at such a fast pace and are so filled with pre-judgments that we fail to see what is before us. I am an advocate of meditation – some kind of practice that slows us down and opens us up, teaching us to see what is real, both within and without. Such a practice enables us to become contemplative.

While seeing and being spacious are essential, they are not enough.

We must commit ourselves to living from that kind of space.

Commitment involves action that operates in integrity with our spaciousness and contemplative seeing.

It is not enough to acknowledge the fundamental unity of the cosmos and all its beings.

Every action we take must somehow reflect this notion.

The ideal is that our commitment is informed by spaciousness and the contemplative stance. In that way our actions are not compulsive and we set intentions that are co-creative.

Finally, it is through the imagination that the expression of this new level of consciousness finds itself. We are the first generation to see so tangibly the fundamental connection of all that is. This presses us to live out of a very new space. We have no maps, no definitions – we simply entrust ourselves to imaginations that have been entrusted to Spirit. That is co-creative living.

Judy Cannato

Questions for Reflection:

How is the reality of a “Field of Compassion” a cause for hope for you?


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