To Change Our Worldview

It seems that we are called to wake up because there is no separation and we need to change our worldview. The consequences of this shift are unpredictable but truly lead us to hope and compassion.

The quantum worldview transcends the split between mind and matter and sees both together as rooted in the heart of creation. Interrelationship and communication between all aspects of creation in partnership with one another negate notions of primacy and domination. Every aspect of reality depends on every other aspect. The balance of the ecosystem demands this Gerome Kamrowski, Weinstein Gallery, San Franciscointerconnectedness and interdependence. Not only is every part of our body/mind supported by every other part, but each of us as a whole is interconnected with, supports, and is supported by the entire organism that is the universe and all its parts. We are discovering today that separation is an illusion and that identifying ourselves in terms of our differences blinds us to the reality of our at-oneness.

Identity in the 21st century will be achieved through the recognition of our commonality. What we all share gives us our reality and binds us together in love and at-one-ness. The emerging worldview is holistic, and the spirituality that grows out of this perspective speaks to wholeness both within ourselves and without, in the larger community – global community, community of nations, of cultures, of religions, but even more so, of species - a community of life.

art art Furthermore, today’s data from research in both physics and biology considerably alters our attitude not just toward our own body, but also toward plant and animal life. Whereas previously we would have seen ourselves as over against or separate, i.e., our behavior as a “doing TO,” today there is emerging a sense of “being WITH.”

Holistic medicine works with the body. It helps channel the body’s natural energies. It helps further its interconnection with surrounding energy fields, i.e., the energy from healer to patient, but also from other levels of being – cosmic energy, the healing power from the spirit world (the communion of saints), and the Christ energy in the universe.

The treatment of animals and plants also involves nurturing the powers that are there -- a cooperation with them, rather than a doing to them.

We realize today that using the earth’s creatures just for our benefit without regard for their wellbeing for our food source (often to excess and through inhumane ways of raising, housing, and then slaughtering them), or solely for our pleasure (for their furs, tusks, for animal racing, for the zoo or circus), is violence and degradation. It creates a field of negativity that affects not only these creatures but us as well.


Sr. Barbara Fiand, SND

Question for Reflection:

What is it like for you to meditate on becoming more compassionate? How do you express this compassion?

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