Women Helping Women

The International Ogranization for Migrations estimates that about one million human beings are victims of trafficking every year – 500,000 of them in Europe...

Daughter of a Charism

7a previewHow do I live the healing Charism? There are many experiences I could talk about, but want to share the experience of welcoming, listening and giving practical...

Walking with the Wounded

jackowski previewI recently had an opportunity to attend a workshop entitled Walking with the Wounded at Guest House, a beautiful facility in Lake Orion, Michigan for women religious...

A Healing Experience at Dara Yakaar, School of Hope

6 previewIn January 2011, I arrived at the Formation House of Keur Mbaye Fall, which is in a Dakar suburb. I manage the literacy, dyeing and the sewing school called “Dara Yakaar“...

Gift from God: a healing journey

10previewI have been working as a visiting nurse for about six months and visit ten people daily, most of whom suffer from chronic, degenerative illnesses or cancer. I encounter a variety of family situations. Some people are alone...

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