Gifts from God! Caring for Children in Brazil

“History is essential in the life of all people. Through history the presence of God is also revealed -- in the life of the Church and in the life of each person.”...

Women Helping Women

The International Ogranization for Migrations estimates that about one million human beings are victims of trafficking every year – 500,000 of them in Europe...

Daughter of a Charism

7a previewHow do I live the healing Charism? There are many experiences I could talk about, but want to share the experience of welcoming, listening and giving practical...

Walking with the Wounded

jackowski previewI recently had an opportunity to attend a workshop entitled Walking with the Wounded at Guest House, a beautiful facility in Lake Orion, Michigan for women religious...

A Healing Experience at Dara Yakaar, School of Hope

6 previewIn January 2011, I arrived at the Formation House of Keur Mbaye Fall, which is in a Dakar suburb. I manage the literacy, dyeing and the sewing school called “Dara Yakaar“...

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