Living the Gift of Healing

The Alleluia Community of Parcelles Assainies lives in the suburbs of Dakar, an overpopulated area, marked by the usual urbanization problems. It is among these brothers and sisters, often wounded by material and moral poverty, that we try to live our healing charism through our services. As a Franciscan Sister of the Poor, I feel privileged to be a healing instrument in the Frances Schervier Formation Center.

For me this activity is the expression of God's Will; it is for this reason that I must accomplish it by following in the example of Jesus the Healer. This Person, through his love, healed all the world’s men and women.

Sr. Elisabetta La Manna - Vivere il carisma Sr. Elisabetta La Manna - Vivere il carisma I try to have a humble, simple and respectful attitude in dealing with the different situations facing the young women who attend our Formation Center. I try to follow in the example of Mother Frances; this attitude helps me to analyze their group behavioral pattern. Through talks and dialogue, I try to orient them to live in mutual respect and fraternal love.

To be a healing instrument is for me a gift that I try to live in my daily fidelity while sharing and working with lay people.


 Sister Elisabetta La Manna

In a deep communion of prayer

In the apostolate with the children, I always have in mind these words of Jesus, “Let the children come to me, and do not prevent them; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”(Matthew 19: 13-15)

Una giornata in spiaggia –Sr. Sophie Una giornata in spiaggia –Sr. Sophie

Observe how ingenuous and simple the children are who come to the monthly meetings of the Franciscan Rays! It is more than a year that we have been sharing the Word of life with these children. During a meeting, this question was asked: “For whom do you want to pray?” I was touched by this answer: “For my Dad, that he can come back home, because he abandoned us, and my Mom cries all the time." It was a cry from the heart from an eight-year old little girl. I comfort these little ones who are wounded by their parents with the words that God inspires in me, and the Spirit does most of the work by touching their hearts.

How can I not feel compassion for this twelve-year old girl who does not yet know her own mom and who has been raised by an aunt? Her pain is deep and manifests itself through insomnia, mood swings and poor grades at school. It was also an opportunity to come into contact with this family. We commend all these children to your prayers.

Sister Sophie Dioh


How am I a healing instrument in today’s world? I could answer: “through listening and mentoring.” I try to offer a service, in particular to the young. I try to help the girls with whom I live and whom I follow in the discovery of their life project and the other youth that I meet in the Parish or elsewhere. To listen to them often means to enter into their wounded life histories; to help them to assume their weaknesses, but also to recognize their potential and their resources so that they can become a source of power and hope. At times, it is merely about making them aware that they are loved by God and that they are able to love in return; encouraging them after a failure; and listening to them without any judgment when they have been given the courage to confess their mistakes to bring them to God's merciful arms.

Gesù in ascolto – Sr. Marvi con una giovaneGesù in ascolto – Sr. Marvi con una giovane

Sister Marvi Delrivo


Sr. Sylviane –Lasciate che i fanciulli vengano a me . . . Sr. Sylviane –Lasciate che i fanciulli vengano a me . . .

To be a healing instrument for me is to be there for the little ones at the daycare – and always being available for those who need, me even for the most tedious tasks that we don’t want to do.

This great ability to listen to the children and to be open to them has allowed me to have a special experience with a three-year old little girl. Arriving at the daycare one morning, she told me: “My Sister, my Sister, yesterday my Dad hit my Mom!” What wounds that child had to endure the whole night? How much violence do so many others undergo? In this case, I can only give the love that heals and comforts.

Sister Sylviane Boissy

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