The Sisters’ spirituality is interconnected with St. Francis of Assisi, who was singlehearted in his love for Jesus and the poor.

francescanesimo 3Francis was born in Assisi, Italy in 1181. The son of a successful cloth merchant, Francis cut a dashing figure and was quite an adventurer.

One day while at prayer he experienced what may be called a conversion. He was asked by Jesus: “Francis, rebuild my Church, which has fallen into ruins.”

In response to God, he became a peacemaker and healer, dedicated to helping the poor in their suffering. He was passionate in his love and caring for the poor.

Francis attracted a large group of disciples. Today these followers number in the millions. The call that Francis received from God echoes today: “Rebuild my Church!”

St. Francis of Assisi is a significant person in the history of Christian spirituality; he transformed the church and religious life.

The people of God continue to be in need of peace, healing and hope. . . and the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor are inspired by the life St. Francis. They are spirit-filled women of compassion and hope, who are present to those in need.

Forgiveness: an essential for self healing

arleen bourquinPreviewAt some point(s) in life, we all experience events that challenge us to forgive.  We may need to forgive ourselves, others and even God.  The event itself may seem trivial or it may have destroyed a valued...

Our way of dealing with creation

Rapporto con la naturaWe, therefore, need to reconsider and change some of our behavior. First, our economic model of materialism, consumption and of hedonistic utilitarianism has to be changed.


My Hope is Only in God

cristina di noccopreviewA few days after December 17, 2011, the day that Typhoon Sendong dramatically hit Dumaguete City causing death and destruction, I awoke with these questions...


Mother Earth

2a previewOur family recently experienced an important time of challenge and discernment about Valerio’s professional life. It was a troubled time. A decision was made in mid-May: Valerio resigned from his job...

Another World is Possible!

d2preview Invited by our Congregational Leadership, I joined with 60 Franciscans working on justice, peace and integrity of creation issues by participating in the People’s Summit for Social and Environmental Justice...

Brotherhood and Franciscan tradition

NaturaHow is the relationship between human beings and the other creatures expressed in Franciscan tradition? Francis calls all creatures his brothers and sisters, just as in the Canticle of the Sun. Biographical...

Bonaventure’s Creation Theology

Gesù nel grembo di MariaBonaventure of Bagnoreggio is certainly the most famous of Alexander von Hales’ students and has assimilated much of his teachings...


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