A Healing Instrument in the Hands of God

 8Sr Maria Lúcia Barbosa de Oliveira, SFP“Being an instrument of healing in the world today is a gift we have received and must further develop for the common good of all.” For me being an instrument of healing in the world today in the Brazilian context means updating the charism of our founder: "to heal the wounds of Christ in poor and suffering humanity." This is always contemporary and necessary!

Mother Frances experienced firsthand the process of healing others and being healed herself.  Wisely she learned at the school of mercy and compassion how to care for others. As her followers we both Sisters and Associates have received a wonderful legacy.

I am very happy to be a healing instrument in the hands of God and witness to the healing that is taking place in the lives of people. I am grateful to contribute to the world in its suffering, which so much needs healing and to feel able to give solace to people who have lost all hope! I offer my time to serve the needs of many needy people around the community. Thank God I am living a beautiful moment in my life, because I feel I am capable of healing!  And I notice this from the statements I hear from the people I meet in my practices of Reiki and Yoga.

New Healing Ministries

I am developing services in Pires do Rio, which are gratifying and allow me to see how much I can accomplish with God's help. Each morning brings me the joy of being alive serving others and to bring them some joy. I have witnessed so many kinds of healing that I cannot count them. Sometimes simply by listening to the other, by accepting  their pain and suffering, I notice that healing has begun. 

Visiting a lonely person often triggers a healing process in them because they experience being thought about and remembered. I have received many displays and expressions of healing from those who have taken Reiki or attended our Yoga lessons, each with its own uniqueness!

When I am thanked for any healing or improvement, I always attribute this to the power of the Creator of the universe and to the person’s desire to be cured. I remind them about the attitude of Jesus, who always asked: “What is it that you wish?” "Do you want to be healed?" The desire, faith, trust that a cure is possible is always up to the person’s own initiative. Yes, the miracle of healing does occur then.  I am glad to hear them say that once they were feeling such pain, anxiety, or depression and now they no longer have these symptoms, and are feeling happy ...

This work I am doing has an impact by the simple fact that the pursuit of these services is becoming popular by word of mouth.  Once one feels helped by the treatment and invites a friend or a neighbor to join in the treatment, the demand grows.

"Physician, heal yourself!"[Luke 4:23]
While recalling this Scripture quote,  I think we first need to enter a process of healing, if we have not started one already.  I realize that I am on my way, that I am in the process of curing myself while also believing that a continuous monitoring is something that should never end. When I am in such a process, I live the experience of being healed and thus become more sensitive to understanding the suffering of others!

Here is a note I received from a Yoga student: "Today we can stop and feel each bodily organ deeply breathing within, wonderfully feeding every cell, sending soothing messages to each affected part of our body that is not feeling very well, and then by sending the healing energy to that spot, our bodies become true temples of the Holy Spirit! We send forth health and peace, much peace.  And peace is the dream which God dreams, and that is why we must keep our minds at peace."

Here is the testimony from another student: "I was feeling sad, never too joyful, with a disharmonious pain. My life pursuit was not that of a brave, Christian person.  I lacked exercise of body, mind and emotion.  Then I came across Sister Maria Lúcia’s path and her Yoga lessons and her Reiki massage.  It was wonderful to realize that by combining body, mind and emotion, I would come across an almost forgotten blessing: the perception of my own soul. "


Being an instrument of healing in the world today is a gift we have received and must further develop for the common good of all.

Sr Maria Lúcia Barbosa de Oliveira, SFP

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