To bring healing...

  • 11When I discovered that a 17 year old nomad girl, mother of three children, had never seen the sea, I drove her in my car to the closest beach. Looking at the vast blue sea, her eyes shining with wonder, she exclaimed, “Wow, it’s so-o-o big!” 
  • When a young woman who was taken into Project Miriam spontaneously set the table with colorful napkins and a centerpiece with flowers. When we looked surprised, she replied, “Today is a feast day, right? Then I did the same thing you did last time there was a feast day...” 
  • A Romanian 17 year old woman (whom the mother had forced into prostitution when she was 14) after spending a few months at Project Miriam said, “This is the first time in my life that I have time to stop and reflect. It was difficult, but I began to see my life from a different perspective.”
  • When a woman from Bulgaria who suffers from a mental condition due to the abuse she suffered importuned me to take her to Sottomarina (a beautiful seaside village near Venice)... The first thing she did when we finally arrived was to jump from the car, and smile at me, and tell me simply, “Thank you, Wilma.” 
  • When I accompanied a young woman from Nigeria to Rome, who had just been accepted into a special protection plan (implemented for the 40th anniversary of Caritas) . . . while we walked around the Colosseum, she suddenly looked at me and said happily, “I like traveling, Wilma!” This was the first time she had ever travelled for recreation in her life.  
  • When a young Muslim mother, whom we had helped years ago, met an Italian man and started dating him. He introduced her to his family, who warmly welcomed her and her two-year old daughter. One day she said, “The next time you visit me, can I introduce you to his family? I will never be able to introduce them to my parents because they would kill me if they knew that I am dating a Christian man. In these past years you have been my family and I would like to introduce them to you.” 

Each time I do a small and insignificant act or accompany someone on a long and faithful journey -- and I see that it changes the life of these women – that’s when I bring healing.

Sr. Wilma Molinari, sfp


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