Gift of Healing: Enfleshing our Charism

ribeiro machado

Participating in our Healing Conference was indeed a remarkable and meaningful experience for me, and I believe for all the Sisters, Associates and friends of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor who were present.

The keynote speakers, Father Anthony J. Gittins and Sister Antonietta Potente, emphasized some important aspects of our spirituality, bringing us to the very roots of our Charism and inspiring us to enflesh them in creative ways, both in our lives and mission.

In my personal experience, what remains most vivid was the opportunity to revitalize my awareness of the mystery of God's greatness, and the immensity of His kindness. I see these attitudes as essential in the life of all Christians, and more specifically in the life of consecrated religious women.

Despite our foibles and stubbornness, God never forgets his sons and daughters and is always ready to forgive, to reconcile, and gather us together. He continues to depend on us to continue his Mission, the eternal mission of the Trinity, the mission of loving unconditionally, generation after generation, till the end of time.

Our Calling to Love...
Our call, above everything, is a calling to love:  loving those we meet every day in our community, at work, in a given situation, often someone who may not be, to us, the most sympathetic person.

We humans are inclined to slip into what is more enjoyable, or easier, but it is worth remembering Sister Antonietta Potente’s words: "It is easier to make friends outside the environment where I live and with those I see every day, than to accept a circumstance or a person who could become an opportunity for me to grow.”

I am therefore convinced of the need to learn from our Master Jesus, but this requires of us, as human beings, constant effort, personal exercise, discipline and humility.  While learning from God and with God, may we be healed and become instruments to bring about healing for others!

Sister Tânia Maria Ribeiro Machado, SFP


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