Month by Month Blessings

mary madonna hoying

The impact of the 2012 Healing Calendar for me was a blessing in many ways.  Each month at our Community Meeting, after house business was finished, we shared about how that month’s calendar spoke to or what it had done for us.  In this one article, it is impossible to share each month’s effect on me. Here are a few of the ways that healing was inspired within me. . .

January’s “Most Beautiful Healing Names of God” touched me deeply – not only as I reflected on that word given to us on the calendar each day, but also as I listened to my Sisters at St. Clare’s share their favorite words for God.

Ever since January, I often recall those words that my Sisters shared so lovingly:
Wise One
All Embracing
God holds me

 -- and my own favorite names: All Good and Love

Then in February, we wrote our own cinquains by “Finding the Sacred in Poetry.” After spending the past two months in pain with my fractured sacrum, and as I prepared my class on Jeremiah for the OFM postulants and SND novices, I wrote this:

1 word, Title                         
2 words, Describe title      
3 words, tell an Action       
4 words, tell a Feeling                     
1 word, Refer to Title                   

Night-time, Mysterious
Bring forth Light
Need for true Trust

When I returned to my January terms for God as Healer, I wrote:
                                                            In charge
                                                            Calls for SURRENDER
                                                            Hard when in pain

May called us to “Look at Moments of Beauty.”  I was in retreat the end of May and was anticipating walking to the shore to see a beautiful sunset on the Pacific Ocean.  However, one evening the intense pain in my back kept me sitting in my chair in my room.  To my surprise, when I looked at the gorgeous view of the sunset from my upstairs window, I realized that even when we are in pain, God speaks to us in BEAUTY! 

June’s calendar calls us to be in touch with our own earthiness as we experience “Mother Earth as Healer.”  Can I honor the seasons of my life and find fuller wholeness?  Yes!  Walking in the silent and peaceful out-of-doors here on our grounds of St. Clare’s, especially around the grotto, cemetery and garden, I feel the beauty of “humus” and realize that Nature is truly a Healer!

Thank you, Loving God, for Your Wonderful Healing Gifts to us throughout each and every month!  (And God bless all of You who have provided us with this marvelous Healing Calendar of God’s Goodness!)

Sr. Mary Madonna Hoying, sfp


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