Like the earth, my life ...

“Like the earth, my life also goes through seasonal shifts.” When I am outdoors and contemplate nature, going beyond what I see, a feeling of wonder before so much splendor arises from my heart. Then I sing this beautiful refrain to my inner self: "How beautiful are your works – how great are your works, Lord; Lord, you fill us with joy." Nature would certainly like to teach me to always be amazed because this blasé person does not know how to pay more attention to the beauty and good surrounding her.

7a0Among all the good things that nature would like to teach me, I would like to mention its malleability and its accessibility, and its capacity to bring us to welcome the Other so that He can transform us.

Let us look around at the magnificent changes that humanity can bring to the wildest nature. How can this nature teach me to honor the seasons of my life?

Living in a Sub-Saharan country, I recognize in nature the dry and the rainy season. When the dry season comes, the earth feels tired and disfigured (sometimes a very pitiful sight), but a small amount of rain is enough to transform this arid and altered earth into a renewed and green land again!

Like the earth, my life also goes through seasonal shifts. 

Nature’s dry season can teach me how to support the difficult moments or the times of crisis that I face during my life, showing me how to live in the confidence and in the hope of the Creator.

 May I always remind myself that the rainy season is the one that renews and constantly brings fruits at my door giving me back LIFE.

Sr. Sophie Dioh, sfp



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