The Most Beautiful Healing Names of God

Jesus-Heals-a-ChildJesus Heals a ChildReal prayer always expands us and our invites, calls, leads and sometimes even pushes us into new spaces from which to view our own reality. Most religious traditions have names by which they refer to the Divine. This month you are invited to reflect on a healing name of God with each new day.

Personal Dimension:

Simply sit quietly with a name of God each day and discover what surfaces within you. How is God revealed to you in this name? What new insights do you gain when reflecting on this name? What does this particular healing name of God call you to be?

Communal Experience:

Prior to the end of the month, gather your local community or family and share the most significant name of God with one another why it was significant for you. Listen respectfully, allowing your own understanding of God to expand.


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