Finding the Sacred in Poetry

Road-to-EmmausRoad to EmmausPoetry touches the depths of the soul. It is said to be the language of the heart that inspires us to see the world anew. Poetry gives voice to the images of the Divine through the interplay of words.The words beckon us to follow into the life well of meaning where we are refreshed and renewed.

Individual dimension:

This month play with words through poetry. Allow the words to swell  in your heart and be proclaimed through your voice. Consider using a form of poetry called a cinquain as a means of expressing yourself. An example of a cinquain follows:                                                                                                           

One word, a title...Spirit

Two words to describe the title...Empowering, Inspiring

Three words to tell an action…Sends me forth

Four words to tell a feeling...Strengthened for the task

One word to refer to the title...Guide

Communal Experience:

Toward the end of the month, share your cinquain with one other person in your community or family. Reflect together on the invitation. Reflect together on the invitation you experienced from God in getting in touch with the words of your heart.

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