Mandala means circle in Sanskrit. In art, the term mandala refers to a symbol that is done in a circular format. Mandalas symbolize wholeness and always originate at the center. All religious traditions teach about the reality of an inner center within all beings. All religions stress the importance of getting in touch with this center as a means of deepening spiritual life. The mandala is an art form, but it is also a form of prayer.

Transizione-angelica-di-un-bambinoAngelic Transition of a childPersonal Dimension:

Create your own praying mandala. Begin by drawing several concentric circles. In the center, draw an object or symbol that speaks to you at this point in your journey.

Complete the mandala by drawing designs using different shapes or forms in the outlined circles. Once you have completed your work, sit with it...and let it speak to you.

Place it in a particular space in your room and let the message continue to echo in your soul.

Communal Experience: As a community or family, bring your mandala and create a circle of prayer together.

Provide enough time for everyone to share the significance of  their mandala.



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