Moments of Beauty

The-AnnunciationThe AnnunciationFor Franciscans, beauty is everywhere! Beauty is not just one aspect of reality, not just one element among many. Rather beauty is the deepest foundation of reality. Beauty can easily be another name for God. It is our personal encounter with beauty in this world that guides the spiritual journey toward the fullest expression of Divine Love.

Individual Dimension:

Within this month, you are invited to become consciously aware of the ‘unseen’ beauty surrounding you with each new day. Beauty may come to you in unexpected encounters, events, or happenings.

Tame your heart to look, so that you can see beauty everywhere. Feel free to journal the moments of beauty that enrich your life.

Communal Experience:

As you come together as community or family,  share with one another one anticipated moment of beauty and one surprising moment of beauty from your own experience over the past month.

At the end of your time together, spontaneously thank the Giver of Beauty for new inner eyes.



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