Off to America


amerFinally, able to journey to America herself, Mother Frances was joined by three Sisters and a Postulant as they traveled first to Paris, then to Le Havre, and finally on to Southampton, England, before beginning the long transatlantic journey. Bad weather accompanied them and added to the hazards of the journey.  Not to be thwarted by personal discomfort or illness, Mother Frances and the sisters continued to be angels of mercy, and comforted and assisted the other passengers.

Once on dry ground, the Sisters began the long trip to Ohio that same evening, pausing only briefly to rest.  Wherever she went, Mother Frances was greeted with great joy and showered with information about the work the Sisters were doing. 

With no thought for her own safety or convenience, she traveled tirelessly from one house to another, and encouraged and supported the Sisters, despite the dangers from war or the hardships of travel.  In the midst of the American Civil War, she continued to comfort the Sisters and the wounded alike.
When Mother Frances finally returned home, all she has endured was written in her features, and all were happy to finally see her again.

For Silent Reflection and Journaling:

When have you experienced a time of great difficulty, challenged by circumstances, differing personalities and weather?  Spend some time reflecting and journaling about that time of your life.


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