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The charity of Mother Frances knew no bounds when she sent five Sisters and one Postulant to America to minister to the poor German immigrants in Cincinnati, OH, far away in America.  The Congregation was still young and the Sisters’ spiritual lives as well as their physical well-being was a deep concern for Mother Frances.  Yet, fueled by a deep love for God and neighbor, the Sisters went into the unknown, trusting that the God who had called them would sustain them on the journey.

decRecurring illness and the death of her brother Karl did not deter Mother Frances from faithfulness to prayer and contemplation.  Numerous letters bear witness to her love and understanding for the Sisters who were far from home, supported now by a group of recluse Sisters who had joined them.  She called these Sisters the “Moses of the community,” standing with outstretched arms and supporting the active Sisters’ work through their prayer.  “Have courage, therefore, and trust!” was the recurring message that crossed the Atlantic Ocean and brought comfort and encouragement.

For Silent Reflection and Journaling:

What are your feelings, hopes, dreams if you imagine to do the experience of leaving for a foreign country forever or if you imagine the possibility of returning home remote, costly, and not possible until after a long period of time?

Have you ever thought of yourself as a “Moses of the community” when illness and/or age requires you to withdraw for a time, or permanently, from active ministry to those who are poor?



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