Indifference, Antagonism and Illness



curaMother Frances protected the Congregation from state supervision, and held firmly to the purpose of the Congregation and the freedom of the church. 

She worked with and through the evolving growth in government and changing social circumstances.  Focus on freely serving the poor without controls set by the government was paramount.

Overwhelmed by physical pain and the loss of her younger sister Pauline, Mother Frances finally gave in to the doctor’s request that she go to the healing waters at Bad Oeynhausen.  Time in the country allowed healing of body, mind and spirit. 

As she started to feel better, she was free to not only write numerous letters of encouragement to the Sisters, but also to visit the sick in their homes and at the spa, encouraging all and lifting spirits.

For Silent Reflection and Journaling:

What thoughts and feelings arise within you as you read of Mother Frances’ struggles?

What allows her to continue to be faithful to the work to which God has called her?

How could this inspire and encourage you, and in turn, allow you to inspire and encourage others?



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