Crossing the Threshold



Following Jesus one step at a time can be challenging.  Often, we want to know the end of the plan; we want to know for sure how things will turn out.  But prudence also dictates that we do not rush headlong into doing things we will later regret.  In our society today, we are often encouraged to say and to do everything immediately, as we think of it.  Cell phones, credit cards, personal tablets and computers not only satisfy this sense of urgency, but can create a hunger for more adventure, more comments, more stuff.

versosiMother Frances gave us a clear example of the necessity to ground our desires in prayer and silence, and to remain unmoved by the passions of others until we ourselves are ready to respond from the depths of our own heart and relationship with God.  We want to root our choices in ground that is loosened and watered so the new growth can be properly nourished.  Otherwise, like the Gospel parable of the sower and the seed (Luke 8: 1-8), we run the risk of failing at something very worthwhile. 

Mother Frances knew how to wait; she knew how to live one day at a time; asking only for the ability to respond to the grace of the day.  She was not afraid of spirited conversations with friends – and with God.  Her relationship with Jesus was strong enough to endure struggle and protest; waiting and listening.  When she knew God’s will for her in the depths of her own soul, she responded fully, whole-heartedly, and with a focus unclouded by doubt and second-guessing.

For Silent Reflection and Journaling:

How do you balance your inner and outer desires and needs?  Can you determine the difference between the two?

Imagine you are praying at the tomb of Mother Frances, walking the streets where she walked, breathing the same air. Whether you are there in person, imagining the trip from reading. How can this moment be a source of renewal of your commitment to service of God and those who are poor?



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