Between Two Worlds


mondiDespite her parents’ protectiveness of Frances, she saw the difference of life between the poor and the rich, and was distressed by what she saw. Her feelings of compassion for the poor tormented her until she found an outlet for her desires for service, even as a young child. 

The heavy loss of her mother and her two older sisters further broke her heart, and with family responsibilities a primary need, Frances put aside her own desires, but the vision remained.  Strengthened by prayer and suffering, God supported her in dreams and in prayer, and when the time was right, doors began to open.

For Silent Reflection and Journaling:

When and how did you first become aware that life was different for the poor and unfortunate, the sick and suffering who were outside your home?

How did God lead you to respond to what you saw?  What were the first stirrings of compassion for others that touched your heart?

What was your early experience of prayer, of church, of God, like?  Who lead you, guided you?  What nourished your spirit?



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