Our way of dealing with creation

We, therefore, need to reconsider and change some of our behavior. First, our economic model of materialism, consumption and of hedonistic utilitarianism has to be changed. We can all contribute to this because it is by our consumption that we determine the waste and exploitation of natural assets. Therefore, we need to quickly change our paradigm of industrialization and production of unnecessary things without limits. Our consumerism clearly has to change.

Rapporto con la naturaAt the same time we need to support quality of life.

This includes stopping wastefulness, encouraging the teaching of ecological behavior (which respects all creatures); fostering protection of biodiversity and protection of all resources.


The risks of human activity to the environment have to be reduced. Such comprehensive change in behavioral patterns will only be possible through an honest reconsideration and conversion by us humans.

It is because we want to continue the Franciscan tradition today that we are called to rethink in a special way to reconsider and to advocate change in behavior towards all creatures in our environment.


P. Johannes B. Freyer, OFM

Question for reflection:

Can you give some suggestions on concrete actions that we could take individually or communally to facilitate changes in attitude and behavior toward God’s creatures and toward our environment?


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