dipinto “ ...to bear in her womb infinite weight and lightness;
to carry in hidden, finite inwardness, nine months of Eternity;
to contain in slender vase of being,the sum of power
– in narrow flesh, the sum of light.
Then bring to birth, push out into air, a Man-child needing,
like any other, milk and love –  but who was God.”
[Denise Levertov, Annunciation]

Women are calling both women and men to give expression to a spirituality that affirms the 'Word'? in the world, embracing both transcendence and immanence. It is a spirituality that looks to the wholeness of things, which feels the relationality that binds the whole into unity.

The presence of the sacred

boscoSister Judette, you tell us that, “As religious we are called to be more attentive to the presence of the sacred in our own inner journeys, in the lives of others, and throughout the whole...

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