The Sisters established their first community in Senegal in 1978, at the invitation of Bishop Adrien Theodor Saar. The Sisters quickly opened clinics and began serving the many medical needs of the community. Today, the Sisters have established educational programs such as a kindergarten and elementary school, as well as health clinics.




  • Perpetual Vows of Sr. Anne Marie Coulidiati, SFP

    anne marie vp24 00On July 13, in Ouagadougou, in Burkina Faso, we celebrated the Perpetual Profession of Sr. Anne Marie Coulidiati. Let us continue to pray for her and ask Mother Frances to bless and support her gift to God.


  • Mini vocation camp in Senegal

    pv senegal 00We had the joy of welcoming eleven young women from our Témento-Samine parish for three days of discovery, sharing, and reflection on the following theme: “Mary, model of every vocation.” We discussed her attentive...

  • My life with the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor

    etienne 00It began in 1981, when the sisters came to my village in Lwanga to provide health care and work for the advancement of mothers and children. I used to help them greet patients. Since that time, I have joined them in...

  • A source of compassion and healing

    24 sen assemb 00The 2024 Senegal Area Assembly of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor was a magnificent time to welcome the blessings and graces received during the General Chapter celebrated in Lourdes with the...

  • Gilbert Bop

    gilbertOur Associate Gilbert Bop left us for the Father's house while the Congregation was in the midst of its General Chapter in Lourdes. We believe that he was deeply in communion with us and with Mother Frances...

  • Meeting Mother Frances: my pilgrimage to Liege and Aachen

    ja 00My trip to meet the spirit of Mother Francis Schervier has been one of the most beautiful encounters with the healing charism and her daughters in my life. Upon my arrival in Liege, at the main house of the Sisters of the Poor...

  • Marguerite Bop and Leopold Nzalé Celebrate their First Committment as Associates in Senegal

    a s 23 eo 00Marguerite and Leopold came to join the SFP Members and Associates, as lay people who, responding to a personal call from God, decided to incarnate the healing charism of Frances Schervier and...

  • Entrance Into the Pre-Novitiate of Julienne Arame Ndiaye

    pj 00On November 17, 2022, the entrance into the pre-novitiate of Julienne Arame Ndiaye, originally from Dakar, was celebrated in Senegal. Julienne herself relates her entry into the family of the Franciscan Sisters of...

  • World Youth Day at Kaolack, Senegal

    jmj s 22 00The theme was: "Mary rose and left in haste, Luke 1.39" and was chosen in connection with the Pope's message to the youth. Like Mary we are invited to stand up in all situations of life in order to open paths of hope...

  • Thanksgiving for the perpetual profession of Sr. Pelagie

    p 00After her perpetual profession, pronounced on September 17 in Assisi, Sr. Pélagie Ilboudo shared the joy of her "yes" with a mass of thanksgiving, celebrated in her home parish, in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)...

  • Being Agents of Healing for our Wounded World

    22ass sen 00The Senegal Assembly of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor (Sfp) was held January 27-30, 2022 with the theme "Being Agents of Healing for our Wounded World" inspired by the Second Call of our 2018 General Chapter...

  • God in our life: Honorine and Angelique's entry into Novitiate

    nis 08On February 2, 2022 we celebrated both the feast of the Presentation of Jesus in the temple and the inauguration of the International Novitiate of our Congregation. We put ourselves before God, as Jesus did...

  • “I am ready to do anything for you, Lord”

    jv 00

    Testimony of Sr. Jacqueline Compaoré sfp, on the occasion of her perpetual vows.
    “After having sacrificed to God all that you have, dear sister, now you must try to consecrate to Him all that you are...

  • My entry into the pre-noviciate

    angel 00On January 30, 2021, I was accepted into the pre-novitiate under rather unusual circumstances. My entry into the pre-novitiate was supposed to occur during the Area Assembly planned to be held in Dakar...

  • A year of the Lord’s grace in Senegal

    marina 00On October 1st, 2019, I arrived in Dakar, Senegal. Together with Sr. Domitilde Manga and the two novices, Véronique Diouf and Pascaline Sarr, we were waiting to receive our Visas to travel to the United States. We had planned to live a new...

  • Putting on our bridal habit

    nuziale 00The young SFP professed Sisters from Senegal share their experiences of renewing their "yes" to Christ on October 4th, 2020.In Mathew 22:1-14, God invites us to His banquet of graces. Far from being an idle thought, His invitation commits us to strive to clothe...

  • You called me, Lord, here I am.

    4 ott 2020 00Sr. Véronique Diouf and Sr. Pascaline Daba Sarr celebrated their temporary profession in Senegal. They tell us about this celebration : On Sunday, October 4, 2020, we celebrated our temporary profession at our novitiate house...

  • Experience of community and apostolic life

    00 tir senNovices Véronique Diouf and Pascaline Sarr share with us the apostolic experience they lived at the SFP communities of Koungheul and Samine, in Senegal. "My internship began with a warm welcome from the Emmaus community, which helped me to live...

  • Léopold Bianquinch

    leo 00Léopold Bianquinch was born on 3 July 1981 in Kédougou, Eastern Senegal. While still a student, he met the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor and was introduced to the Charism of Blessed Frances Schervier in 1999...

  • My pre-novice experience in the Kaïro community

    hon 00My name is Honorine Nadiéline. I am 27 years old -- and I have had the joy of knowing the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor since they arrived in my home parish of St. Bernadette de Temento in 2006. I was attracted by the charism of Mother Frances...


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