asso 1In the early 1970’s, following the directives of Vatican II, lay men and women sought ways to embrace and live out their baptismal commitment more consciously, and many were attracted to the charisms of different religious communities.And a new movement – the Associate movement -- was born, one based on the mystery of call and response to the particular charism of each community’s founder.

Associates endeavor to live the Gospel, following the example of St. Francis of Assisi and Blessed Frances Schervier, who made Jesus Christ the inspiration and center of their lives.

asso 2Motivated by the dynamic power of Christ through the Gospel, they share in a Franciscan way of life by being open to interior change which the Gospel calls conversion -- an on-going process. Associates aspire to live the Franciscan values of simplicity, poverty, humility, and contemplation.

Associates share a special bond and vision with the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor and with each other by communicating, collaborating and praying together.

Associates live in the various aspects of their lives the charism of Blessed Frances Schervier "to heal the wounds of Christ in poor suffering humanity."

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