famiglia sfp suoreFranciscan Sisters of the Poor

We are women who are consecrated to God, called to bring compassion, hope and healing into the community of life.

We hail from many countries and cultures, and we walk together united in the harmony of our diversity. We experience our lives as sisters in community with simplicity and in communion among us, with the Church and with all people of good will who work hard to create the common good.

We are supported by the spirit of prayer and by contemplation, as we work to promote peace and justice, to create opportunities for healing, to improve the life of those who find themselves in situations of poverty and to take care of Mother Earth. 

We are inspired by the evangelical values of St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi and those of our foundress, the Blessed Frances Schervier. Our boundless love for God, for Creation and for every creature, especially for the most poor, moves us to be tangible instruments of healing, solidarity, compassion and tenderness, as we work to promote the dignity of every person, by offering hope and by supporting journeys of transformation, so as to improve the life of suffering humankind and that of our planet.


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