giubilei“Shine like lights on the world,
as you hold on to the Word of Life..."

(St. Paul to the Philippians)


A Jubilee encourages the one celebrating the anniversary to reflectively ponder all the chosen roadways of life, including detours as well as the adventures. We all know that it can only be God’s Light that keeps one on the roadway moving ever forward.


For those of us privileged to witness and enter into the Jubilee of another, we have the advantage of seeing the lights of a person’s life . . . the kindness, the goodness, the generosity, and the image of God that comes through a life of love.

A Renewal Covenant

rpa 00On Saturday, December 18, we celebrated Mother Frances’ feast in Padua with our friends and relatives, and with the communities of Casa Nazareth and Porta San Giacomo. It was a special occasion for Associates both because...

Called to announce the miracles of God

asfp sen 00Our Jubilee started with a Prayer Vigil led by a Franciscan friar who spoke to us about Saint Francis, as man of God, brother of men, and friend of the poor. The following morning we had a beautiful celebration with Father Vincent, our...

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