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“Being gift” to circulate the Life and the healing energy that is generated from service. Some of our Associates shares their journey with us on the occasion of this special year during which we celebrate their 35th Jubilee.

Esdon 01I feel like I live the charism of Mother Francis through all my volunteer work

I help out at the Peddler and there on the St. Clare Convent Campus. I am always willing to help in any way I can. I also volunteer at Bayley Adult Daycare and interact with the elderly.  

On the other end of the spectrum, I am Vice President of our Kindervelt Group. Kindervelt is an auxiliary of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. There are several groups around the city that work together.

We are always finding ways to raise money for Children’s Hospital. We are currently raising funds for the Heart Institute. If we can help a child get better in any way, it is very rewarding. I enjoy interacting with the Sisters and the Associates.

Pat Wahl

Esdon 02Each day I live out the mission and charism by

My biggest blessing of being involved here at CHiPS. We continue to expand the number of people we serve and have grown to feeding 260 plus meals a day. I always look for the most undesirable to offer a helping hand to.

I have personally taken on the program component of our shelter increasing independent living programs for homeless young Mom in their last trimester and the first year w their newborn. I am so proud to be an Associate SFP.

Denise Scaravella

Esdon 03Currently active associate

Attending fund raising activities, masses/bible studies, and retreats at St. Clare Convent location. I also volunteer at the Peddler. In addition I am an active parishioner at St. Gabriel in Glendale.

I am a distributor of Communion there and at MKV. I teach 6th grade CCD. I try to attend daily mass at St. Gabes, St. Clare, or Glenmary as my schedule allows. 

Finally I am a member of a small church community group at OLR.

Kay DIltz

My most direct connection to the charism of Mother Frances that I keep is volunteering with our local hospital

My husband and I volunteer one evening a week and every other weekend. On the weekends I volunteer in the Emergency Department. I do whatever I can to bring relief to patients and their families. Sometimes this is as simple as listening or providing a Popsicle. Other times I console family or provide information about a loved one. I also help the staff in any way possible: change beds, run blood, stock the bedside or just join in conversation.

Esdon 04At school I try to live the charism by instilling in my students the desire to serve the marginalized or underprivileged. Every year the freshman class raises a small amount of money for the mission in Dumaguete City.We talk about Dumaguete City and always keep them in our prayers. Right now we are focusing on being gift and being gifted.

Freshmen have challenged the school to bring in food for a local food pantry. They plan to have the food donated as an anonymous gift. They are looking at the ripple effect of helping one person who then is changed and helps other people.
I encourage the students to live a simple life and speak about Francis and Clare often. Hopefully, I lead by example and only use words when needed.

Barbara SchwabKlaco


Published: August 8, 2016