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"Rejoice in the Lord!"  In this year dedicated to Consecrated life, I wish to express my joy and gratitude to God in unity with the Church, while celebrating my 50 Years of Consecration to the Lord, in service to my brothers and sisters.

Celebrating 50 years of Religious Life is a cause  for praise, hope and thanksgiving to God for having called me to follow Him in a special way. It also gives me an opportunity to gaze back at my whole life story in the Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor, seeking to keep alive that flame of love, the values,  the projects, our unity in diversity and the sense of belonging, among sisters and brothers, by following the example of Mother Frances.

Over these years, I have sought, with the grace of God, to witness in faithfulness and love the experience of our Charism of Healing through prayer and service in the ministries I have undertaken in Brazil and in other different cultures.  My fraternal embrace, prayers and thanks to everyone who helped me in my life journey.

Date of Admission: February 2, 1965
Date of First Vows:  July 16, 1968
Date of Perpetual Profession:  February 21, 1976


Sister Helena Paula Carvalho
JataĆ­, September 6, 2015

Published: October, 13, 2015