Called to announce the miracles of God



asfp sen 08Associates with sr Angiolina, sr Maria, sr Elisabetta and sr Rose

Jubilee of the Associates Celebration in Koungheul, Senegal

35th Jubilees aren’t celebrated every day!

People of light, called to be a witness, People of the Gospel, called to announce the miracles of God for all the living beings...This beautiful refrain reminds us that, through Baptism, we are kings and prophets. We praise God who allows us to celebrate out Jubilee in this year of Mercy.

Our Jubilee started with a Prayer Vigil led by a Franciscan friar who spoke to us about Saint Francis, as man of God, brother of men, and friend of the poor. The following morning we had a beautiful celebration with Father Vincent, our parish priest. In his homily he said: "Celebrating 35 years of service to the poor under the auspices of Blessed Mother Frances Schervier is a direct call for each one of us in this jubilee year of mercy, and if we think of the words of Pope Francis, it is a call that has been made internally and externally. "

  • Internally because we refer to these words regularly or because our own conscience questions us about the universe or a particular issue which is worrying us.
  • Externally because we have seen the needs of the poor and suffering people. We also need to answer the call to discernment, and it is precisely to this call that Mother Frances replied, living in perseverance. She also asked for her answer to be a community answer. Here is the treasure we have received. Today, good will is not enough, we need the insight to recognize God in the poor, so then let us take the time to form and inform ourselves…

When, at the end of the celebration, we renewed our covenant as Associates for a year, I was filled with joy. On this occasion, Suzane Mbengue celebrated her 20 years as Associate! We thank God for the gift of the life of Suzanne, and for her faithfulness to the charism of Mother Frances that she continues to spread around her. It  is a testimony that touched us. We also were happy to listen to our Associate, Etienne Ndong, who shared with us his experience at the Congregational Conference. We are grateful that our Franciscan family gathered together, and that we were represented by Etienne.

We continued our celebration with a party where we shared a very good meal. We expressed our gratitude for this jubilee through dancing and sharing the music of various ethnic groups. It was a real family reunion and we were grateful for this opportunity. Thanks to the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor for the journey we have taken together, for the shared values and the experiences that we will continue to share, hand in hand, working together for the growth of this family. Thanks to the Sisters, and to God, for all the good work done for the poor.                                 

Salomon and Associates SFP

Published: October 4, 2016

asfp sen 04family photo of the associates and their director

asfp sen 09Associates Salomon, Justin and madame asfp sen 06Suzanne behind Sr Angelina

asfp sen 02the celebration  asfp sen 03renewal of the pacts

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