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gfs 01Sr. Grace Frances Strauber celebrates 70-years as a 
follower of our foundress Frances Schervier as a 
  Franciscan Sister of the Poor.

Born and raised in New York, Sr. Grace Frances entered the Congregation in 1947 and made Perpetual Vows 
  in 1954.

From her earliest years, Sr. Grace Frances was destined to share her gifts in the field of administration. Early ministry experiences included her being part of the administrative team of our health sponsored facilities in the Northeast. After some years of hands-on experience, she was sent to St. Louis University to obtain her Master’s Degree in Hospital Administration. Shortly after completing her studies, she served for 14 years as President at St. Mary Hospital in Hoboken, NY. To this day, the hospital remains the only one in the small city of Hoboken.

gfs 02While President, Sr. Grace Frances also managed to be invested in local endeavors in the city of Hoboken including serving on various Boards. Years later, her past experiences encouraged her to commit herself to using her gifts for behind the scenes committee work in a number of settings.

Sr. Grace Frances made a major transition in the late 1990's, moving from a life focused on administration to that of being a coordinator of hospitality for a large parish in the heart of New York City. This was a life giving move for Grace. At this same time, she pursued becoming a facilitator of Centering Prayer. She recounts this time as a special blessing for her.

Shortly thereafter, Sr. Grace Frances became involved in her local parish in Hoboken serving as the RCIA Director. She loved the ministry, especially interacting with young adults and they in turn loved her for her knowledge, transparency and wit.

Unfortunately, while ministering as Director, Sr. Grace Frances sustained a fall in the parish setting, that resulted in her facing a series of serious health issues.

The accident, resulted in her relocation to Cincinnati for extensive rehabilitation. With great effort and the support of staff, she bounced back from the many setbacks. 

Over the years, Sr. Grace Frances has cherished our charism of being available to those in need, especially those who are poor. Witnessing countless changes, Grace has welcomed the liturgical celebration of the

gfs 03Eucharist, the renewal of religious 

life; including having more contact with family and friends, and a life that is both simple and realistic. 

We joyfully extend our congratulations to our sister, Grace Frances, for her tireless spirit as a Gospel witness to all that is good, in her and in others.

Published August 24, 2017

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