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ci 02The missionaries’ team on their way to evangelize ci 01Associate Ataci and Sr. Terezinha talking to the students in the school

Recently, our Sisters Helena Paula and Thalyta, from Jataí; Maria Terezinha and Lécia, from Ipameri; our Associate Ataci, from Goiânia, Fr. Davi José and Fr. André Luís, from Minaçu, and our lay missionaries Kédna and Neide, from Ipameri; Aline, Thays and Caroline, from Jataí; and Eduarla, Angelina and Divinete, working together as a team, held a very successful three-day SFP Vocational Mission in Brazil. They also mingled with the young, visited the sick and prayed with the elderly.

ci 07Sr. Helena Paula,  Sr. Thalyta and Kédna during the animation
ci 09Sr. Helena Paula visiting the hospital
ci 11Sr. Lécia and Sr. Thalyta preparing for the offertory during mass
ci 23Caroline, Sr. Helena Paula  Mirian and Sr. Terezinha
ci 06Sr. Helena Paula, Angelina and Sr. Thalyta
ci 10Sr. Lécia and Sr. Helena Paula
ci 16Sr. Thalyta and the children

Life is a series of experiences, sewn together like a patchwork quilt by capricious fate and our own choices.  For us, faith provides the thread for our sewing -- all the pieces of our quilt are linked by this durable thread.

We now wish to share with you our experiences of sewing together the quilt of our Vocational Mission in the city of Minaçu, Goiás, from January 30 to February first. 

How many colors these patches combine!  Beautiful songs, great fun, mutual trust, shared happiness, thanksgiving (especially for Sister Thalyta Pereira Lima’s recent profession of her Perpetual Vows), questions and much laughter.  Each patch was sewn in along the path we trod through the city. We used a rainbow to colors for sharing our ‘patchwork’ of the experiences of our team members:


"Words cannot express the happiness I experienced in the three days we spent in Minaçu. I was delighted by the warm welcome from the parishioners, the involvement of the Parish ministries’ teams, and by their ways of expressing affection to us. 

After the Mass of Thanksgiving for my Perpetual Vows, a young woman came over and told me that she considers herself to be a future religious sister.  Hearing this was one of my greatest joys in this mission."                                                                         

Sr. Thalyta Pereira Lima  –  Jataí


"Go out to the whole world; proclaim the Good News to all creation!" (Mark 16: 15-18).  “Whoever has left the house, brothers, sisters, father, mother, or spouse for the sake of ... the Gospel ... shall receive a hundredfold now in this time...” (Mark 10: 29-30). And indeed that's what happened with us.  We left Minaçu enriched and strengthened in our faith, as Christian witness, with the community that welcomed us as brothers and sisters, as well as all other people we meet along our path. The vocational mission with the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor was a great grace and a remarkable experience for me."  

Aline Santos Soares – Jataí 


“It was a great learning experience for me because it was my first one as a lay missionary.  Many of us relinquish things that are dear to us to be of service to God and our brothers and sisters in need. Yet, from the moment I arrived until the end of our mission, I could see the commitment of all the people who participated. ”        

Neide Landi Dias Arruda – Ipameri


“Our Vocational Mission in Minaçu was remarkable, and surprising.  I am absolutely certain that the Holy Spirit acted in us during these three days. The companionship we felt from everyone we met added to our happiness, and willing to do this service again.  I believe we left behind us a taste of the love of God in every place we spent some time with people.  We planted the seeds that will sprout with the shower of blessings that God will pour out in those places."                  

Thays Nascimento Costa Garcia  – Jataí


"The lived experience of this mission certainly was a great gift from God for me, strengthening my missionary ardor. 

During those days I felt Christ as a closer presence in my life --  and I felt a responsibility for the lives of the people who experienced this grace with me.  Sharing in this mission helped me see the world as God sees it.                          

Kédna Bisinoti – Ipameri


"Our mission to the city of Minaçu was not my first experience, but it was very different from all the other missions in which I have participated.  I learned that although the Church is not a utopia, it can be united, and that it is our means to transform reality.  I offered a bit of myself, a few words, some songs, and much joyful laughter...  And I saw I was not alone, that there were many others offering their gifts to God, small or large.  Together, we build the Church. " 

Caroline Gomes Martins Forte  –  Jataí


“During this mission I carried in my heart a lot of confidence, but at the same time, many questions that still had not been answered.  Arriving in Minaçu, however, we saw that everything had been prepared as planned.  We slipped into the program and felt the hand of God guiding us, giving us wise thoughts and the courage to accomplish, with faith and serenity, the mission we had intended.  It truly was a time of grace and a revelation of God's presence in our midst.”     

Sr. Maria Terezinha de Jesus – Ipameri


"What I liked the most in our Vocational Mission was to see how the Minaçu community is united and charismatic.  The priests are lively and very popular.  In our door-to-door visits, all the residents welcomed us cheerfully.  Even our brothers and sisters attending Evangelical churches were warm to us.”   

Associate Ataci Almeida Borges – Goiânia


"I believe the goal of our Vocational Mission in Minaçu was met.  I congratulate the people in charge of the overall organization. The collaboration of lay people made a huge difference.  We saw that “The whole group of believers was united, heart and soul” (Acts 4:32).  The Word of God was planted in people’s hearts, and will be watered with Divine Dew to bear much fruit."  

Sr. Helena Paula Carvalho – Jataí

“How many patches are still needed to be sewn to finish the quilt of our mission!  I experienced many memorable moments during this event, but what impressed me most was the joy of all the lay missionaries: the spark in their eyes, a reflection of God's love.  I remembered what our Father Francis of Assisi once wrote, “When our brothers returned from their mission they were struck with great joy!"  I believe that this has also been the experience we had as we participated in this mission.”  

Sr. Lécia José da Silva – Ipameri


ci 03The team in front of the Church Parish of Our Lady of Grace

ci 04The team: Sr. Thalyta, Fr. Davi José de Araújo and Fr. André Luís do Vale ci 12Sr. Lécia, Eduarla, Kédna, Thays, Sr. Thalyta, Caroline, Mirian and Aline

ci 14Sr. Terezinha, Aline, Thays, Sr. Thalyta, Angelina, Divinete and Caroline ci 21Sr. Thalyta, Thays, Aline, Sr. Lécia and young people from Minaçu

ci 05Sr. Helena Paula visiting the senior home

ci 13Sr. Terezinha and Sr. Thalyta ci 25Kédna, Metin, Sr. Lécia and Associate Ataci

ci 15Sr. Thalyta and young Samara, who is interested in religious life ci 26Neide and Thays, Sr. Thalyta and Sr. Lécia with the young people

ci 20Sr. Thalyta, Sr. Terezinha and Associate Ataci at dinner ci 24Kédna and Sr. Thalyta

ci 22Sr. Thalyta ci 18Sr. Thalyta receiving communion

ci 19Sr. Thalyta, next to her parents and to Sr. Helena Paula during mass ci 08Sr. Helena Paula, Sr. Thalyta and Fr. André

 ci 17Sr. Thalyta and our young lay missionaries

Published: March, 26, 2015