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semi 01The group of Missionaries going to Campo Alegre de Goiás


We live in a world that challenges us as Christians, compelling each of us to reach out to others and share our own experience of encountering Jesus, remembering that Jesus often “loved those who are not loved” by others.

    It is our pleasure to share with you the joys we experienced during our Vocational Mission, held October 02-04, 2015, in Campo Alegre de Goiás. It preceeded Sister Lécia José da Silva’s perpetual vows celebration, held in her native Parish. Below, several people share their thoughts and experiences:

Participating in this vocational mission was a moment of grace and joy for each of us who gathered in Campo Alegre to share this important moment in Sister Lécia’s life; to practice Jesus’ invitation to evangelize, and to spread word about our Congregational charism and mission.  Jesus said: “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” (Mt. 9:37-38) – and  Perfectae Caritatis advised: “Religious communities have the right to make themselves known in order to foster vocations and seek candidates.” – Sister Thalyta Pereira Lima, from  Jataí

semi 02Visiting the schools. Missionaries: Sr. Goretti, Jamily, Sr. Lécia, Carmen and Vera LúciaThis mission was beyond what I expected.  I had a unique opportunity to rekindle the flame of my faith, and I believe that all the participants were, likewise, spiritually awarded.  I think I have done a little of what Jesus asked of us, and I am looking forward to sharing in more vocational experiences as beautiful and meaningful as this one was.  It is very rewarding to do God's work together! – Fernanda Dias Azevedo, from Ipameri

This Mission to the People in Campo Alegre de Goiás was a very moving experience for me. It was the first time I have attended such a Mission,  I am most grateful to the local people for their kindness and hospitality.  I actually felt the presence of the Holy Spirit among us as we visited various family homes to read the Word and pray together.  The participants, gathered from different cities, were such wonderful people!   Thanks be to God for these unforgettable and grace-filled three days.”  – Associate Jairo José da Silva, from Goiânia

Our Vocational Mission brought me many rich experiences, among which is that it helped me to see God’s presence in the other people.  I learned that we always have something to teach and something to learn from every person who crosses our path.  We need to get out of "our personal world" to give of ourselves -- perhaps by sharing a minute, an afternoon, or a whole day listening with our heart and evangelizing within a different reality.  Eventually, it helped me reflect upon and reaffirm my true calling: the personal mission which our Father calls me to fulfill. – Jamily Matos Cardoso – from Jataí

semi 03Missionaries: Fernanda, Associate Jairo, Sr. Goretti, Sr. Lécia, Sr. Marta, Kédna, Sr. Delvanira, Vera Lúcia and Neide (below)This was a blessed time in which I had the opportunity to leave the routine of my comfort zone to face the challenges of a new experience.  I went into Campo Alegro for real, and felt it was indeed full of God’s grace and love.  Placing myself in God's presence, I asked the Holy Spirit to guide me.  I really pushed myself -- and I felt it was worth all the effort. – Sister Maria Terezinha de Jesus, from Ipameri

Participating in this Mission was a grace-filled experience for me.  All of us left our own hometown, and set off in a joyful, prayerful atmosphere to Campo Alegre.  As we arrived, Sister Lécia came with a group of local people to greet us and show us around.  As we visited homes and schools, sharing some moments of evangelization and mutual growth in our faith, we made many new friends there. –  Maria Aparecida da Silva, from Jataí

For me, this Mission was an exciting experience in which the Holy Spirit touched all those who participated. We took turns talking and listening to each other.  I felt a great peace and deep joy as I realized that the words were emerging from each person’s heart. – Natália Araújo Dias, from Goiânia

semi 04A moment of prayer at the Main Church of Our Lady Our Lady of Perpetual Help

This mission was, for me, a unique experience.  At first, when I was invited to join in, I was afraid and I hesitated. However, as the visits went on, I made a personal commitment to have love and faith. I reminded myself of the Word: Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. (Mk. 16: 15).  I soon felt how much people are thirsting for God in their lives, and  I realized that ‘missioning’ is more about learning than about teaching!  I was impressed by how friendly and outgoing the people of Campe Alegre were were toward us.  – Vera Lúcia José da Silva, from Ipameri

semi 05Visit to the schools: Sr. ThalytaPartaking in a Mission is always a gift from God.  Only those who engaged in it with us can know how filled with the Holy Spirit we were. We were welcomed into family homes, schools, shelters, day care centers and many other places bringing Christ’s presence with us which leaves in us a wonderful feeling.  Knowing that the first disciples also did something similar to this, made me want to be more missionary-like every day.  It was beautiful to hear Sister Lécia’s say, “I'll be bearing children for the Lord!”   Dear Sister, you may count on our prayers for your vocation – Miriam de Jesus Silva, from Jataí

I had gone to give of myself and I left transformed by the love of God.  I bear now within me a feeling of  how much we need to change internally to fulfill our own vocations.  More and more I'm convinced that being a missionary is about learning to build bridges of love between people, so as to come ever closer to God  – Neide Landi Dias, from Ipameri

How good and pleasant it is to encounter of our brothers and sisters!  There were moments in this Mission where I felt the palpable presence of the Holy Spirit in our midst.  During our visits to the families, daycare centers, schools and the seniors’ home to read and reflect on the word of God, people were deeply moved.  Those were moments of abundant blessings.  In our hearts we now carry much of the unconditional love shared by these simple and friendly people. It renewed my hope in humanity as we left our ‘comfort zones’ and responsed to this great call from God which was inspired by Pope Francis’ words: Go, without fear, to serve. We had the opportunity to spread our charism and express our gratitude to Sister Lécia for her definitive Yes to God’s call. –  Sister Marta Gomes Pedrosa, from Jataí

semi 06Sr. Thalyta with the Holy Childhood Society groupThis Mission gave rise to three days of fervent prayer. We carried out the will of God by bringing Jesus to the people of Campe Alegro – and as a result we deepened the love and unity among our sisters and brothers.  This experience was very satisfying to all.  Approaching people I had never met before was a challenge that strengthened my faith, and I brought home with me very strong memories of Christ’s presence.  – Sister Maria Goretti, from Pires do Rio

Participating in a Mission  is an act of  generosity, a selfless initiative that comes from an inner motivation.  We respond to an invitation to be an instrument of God’s Kingdom through our common faith in Jesus Christ. The vocational mission I experienced these days in Campo Alegre brought me into a closer relationship with God as found in other people.  It led me into the mystery of God’s love, and the hope, joy, love found in service to His people – Kédna Bisinot, from  Ipameri

I have no words to express my joy and gratitude to God and to all the people who shared with me this special time!  Those days are unforgettable; the enthusiasm and joy of the people left indelible marks in my memory.  To my urprise, people who helped me in my education since the elementary school, attended and offered gestures of love, fondness, support and care.  I believe we conveyed the love of God in every place we visited.  We have planted seeds that surely, with the Grace of God, will grow and bear fruit. – Sister Lécia José da Silva, from Ipameri

semi 07Missionaries Group: Cida, Sr. Marta, Fernanda, Fábio, Neide, Sr. Lécia, Associate Jairo, Sr. Goretti and Sr. Auricélia (in front)

semi 08Missionary Group gathered in front of the San Sebastian chapel

semi 09Missionary Group visiting a family

semi 010Reception of Missionaries in Campo Alegre de Goiás

Published: November, 26, 2015