Thank You for the Gifts I Received...

13Welcome party for Sr. Marina

 Last year I asked to have some time to help me become more prepared for the move I was about to make from Casetta Nova Community in Rome to Casa Nazareth in Padua..

I received the gift of being able to be in Cincinnati from July 10th to September 11th. I would like especially to thank Sr. Anna, Sr. Tiziana and the Council, who accepted my request. I also wish to thank my Community who encouraged and supported me in this endeavor as well as Pinecroft Community who welcomed me.


15Meeting with a group of young adult guests at Pinecroft

I received Time to give what I had lived to that point in the formation house and to prepare my heart for something new . . . Time to pray with the Community in daily life, in the silence of my personal prayer, in the monthly retreats with the local Sisters, and time to contemplate the beauty of nature. This was a time to encounter new people – Sisters, Associates, classmates, people on the bus and in the streets, my (female) driver on the line 17 bus to Mt. Airy, the women at Tamar’s Place, the volunteers and staff in the various ministries I visited, the lay people as well as the consecrated at the Franciscan Gathering, etc...

I had Time to pay attention to the places and customs of people: the “old fashioned” people in Amish Country, Grave Creek Mounds with the history of the beginnings, parish feasts, the Casino, the German Festival, the Labor Day picnic. I learned the importance of having skills, celebrating and planning. This was a time to be joyful during the long walks, the swims, visits to Museums, painting, the Omni Max Theater in Cincinnati . . .

14Sr. Mary David Mulroy and Sr. Marina Triglia

I received Healing from Srs. June and Marie Clement, Bonnie, Ed and Joan, Leah, and many who helped me become acquainted with the uniqueness in the U.S. I saw healing and respect in the relationships among the Sisters. I had the opportunity to say goodbye to Sr. Rosalita before she left and to witness the gentleness with which she was accompanied during the last step of her trip. I received healing from Sr. Karen who welcomed me into her house for a few days with simplicity and warmth. I saw our healing charism dwell among us and within me, in all that I receive and that I am able to give.

I received a Diploma. I studied English as much as possible during this short time, trying to work on my pronunciation so that I could correctly say ‘Tuesday’ and ‘Thursday’ and be understood. Wow! I enjoyed the international experience at the language school where my classmates hailed from different countries – Korea, China, Japan, Brazil, Venezuela, Spain, Saudi Arabia, The Czech Republic – and came into contact with languages, idioms, religions, and customs completely different from what I knew. It was hard to understand and be open to each one! In this ‘melting pot,’ I felt that my own identity was utterly Italian, with all the riches and contradictions typical of my people. However, I also felt the desire to be open to this reality of today’s world – a small and large global village. 

16Pinecroft House of Peace Community

I received a gift from Mother Frances since I found her in the courage of our new ministries such as the Barn, where there was room for even the “dance of life.” I found her at Tamar’s Place where the seeds are sown freely in the hearts of the women who come by, so that a warm welcoming atmosphere may lead to a desire of change and a life with dignity. I saw the courage and challenge of co-operating with others at St. John’s, where I made sandwiches with the other volunteers, and in Hamilton, in the various parishes, as well as at the senior independent living community, Our Lady of the Woods. I found Mother Frances present in the vitality of the Sisters at St. Clare’s, and in the peace of those who already contemplate the face of God. I saw Mother Frances walking with us! 


At the end I said to myself, “I am ready to go back,” ready to leave what I have been working on all these years, ready to turn a new leaf, with new companions on the journey, a new language (the Venetian dialect), and a new ministry. I am ready, Lord, give me the humility and honesty I need to walk in your footsteps.

Sr. Marina Triglia, sfp


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