Welcoming our Chapter Themes Yesterday and Today

2As long as we keep ourselves open to the Holy Spirit’s work within us, the Spirit will certainly be manifest in our Congregation.  Once more we are face to face with a new Chapter theme: “Set Free the Healing Energy of Christ!" The theme calls for the personal, community and cosmic channels to become finally mackerel, to circulate freely overflowing love of the Trinity who created all of Creation, made the Redemption. And I see Jesus present in me and in the community that can be touched and finally touch the crowd.

Certainly if we put this into practice according to Jesus’ commandment – "Love one another as I have loved you," – it will yield the desired fruits.  We will then face the challenges which are pertinent to every journey, especially for those who are on the side of the oppressed and those who still remain excluded from the banquet of life.

Our charism of healing is very broad and gives us a limitless expanse and infinite paths to walk.  Whatever we may wish to pursue, a chance will always be given us to do so. Our Charism knows no bounds; it has already physically surpassed the restrictions of space and time and continues to be current. Hence, the Chapter themes which have been suggested to us throughout so many generations were always challenges that continually have led us to growth. We will always welcome them.

I want to speak about what I am thinking and feeling. In my opinion we, as women, tend to complicate our life.  I believe that if Mother Frances were alive today, she would be much more motivated by action and prayer rather than words -- since she would spend more time with the needy, the suffering and the abandoned, sharing with them words of faith and hope for our world which is so devoid of true values and love.

Here I transcribe the words of an old prophet of God, Bishop Dom Pedro Casaldáliga, whose voice the years have failed to silence.  Although inhabiting a fragile body, his mind has not aged.  These were his words of wisdom for the young people participating in the 10th Youth Ministry Encounter in Brazil which took place in Maringa, Parana (July 8-14, 2012):

"... We Christians have the right and duty to spread the seeds of hope.  Everything else may fail us, except our hope.  We are the Church of Easter and we must live with a Paschal heart throughout our entire life.  We ought to be outraged, but with strength and hope. We are to be witnesses of God’s Kingdom, witnesses of Jesus’ cause which is the cause of the Father ... " 

I believe that as he spoke to young people, Dom Pedro was also applying this lesson to us all so that we will not let the world’s insanity kill prophecy. Nor can we lose hope. How can we lend a flavor to life if as salt we lose our power to season?

As disciples of the Holy Spirit, we are led by his wisdom wherever we serve. We are called to be close associates of Jesus continues to walk in the world today, with a look that loves, gestures of care, words of life, deep healing. We will face challenges with hands-on action, blooming wherever He has planted us to thrive and “set free the healing energy of Christ!”

Sr. Maria Lúcia Barbosa de Oliveira, SFP

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